Leverage Insights

h’alt® creates clarity out of  unstructured data.

Early warnings and promoting
safe systems of work

h’alt® predicts which projects may perform well and which ones are at risk. It does so by monitoring and assessing patterns of engagement of your team with h’alt®

Building high functioning
teams across geographies

Empower people to make the right decision, every time and in every project phase; h’alt® directs professionals to the right content and encourages early cross-functional collaboration. 

Increased project success
rate by up to 20%

Proactive organisations use front-end loaded decision-making to enjoy reduced project costs, snagging, and delivery time; Operating projects benefit from a reduced Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE). 

Transform your management reporting. No filters. Just operating realities.

A C-Suite Perspective

Business Goals 
Smart tagging of anonymised user searches provides a first-hand view of how your organisational capability stacks up against business goals.

Employee Engagement 
Remove subjectivity from traditional engagement surveys. h’alt® measures engagement in organisational learning and performance and addresses the elusive L&D ROI metric

Identifying patterns in search intent and unresolved queries in big data is powerful. It reveals those elusive systemic levers requiring attention – allowing leadership to focus on the issues that matter.

A portfolio perspective

Predict bottlenecks 
User engagement rates across your project or work management stage gate processes provide a reliable helicopter view of how projects and operating sites are performing.

Understand adaptability and resilience 
Adaptive teams have the confidence to make informed choices. h’alt® helps you pinpoint high functioning teams and those needing additional support.

Save time, focus on the right things 
h’alt®’s analytics provide a cross-portfolio understanding of what the unresolved issues are – and gives you time to deal with them systemically, long before they manifest.

A team perspective

Unified work planning and execution 
Reduce the gap between work-as-imagined, work-as-planned, and work-as-done. Engagement data identifies user needs in context. Local work leaders can spot risks and opportunities long before work execution.

Predict and prioritise risk precursors 
Hazard spotting is a lagging indicator in high-performing organisations. h’alt® has already helped organisations identify and prioritise 31 risk precursors limiting operational effectiveness from the organisational learning process.

Analyse, assess and prioritise development needs 
With h’alt®, upskilling personnel against training plans is a thing of the past. Leverage actual user data to identify and prioritise development needs. Training needs can be addressed locally long before formal training takes place, and content generated by local teams can be distributed via h’alt®.

Discover a different way to use actionable insights

Obviously we love h’alt®, but here’s what people who have used it are saying about it…

Insight, knowledge, facts
and understanding.

Watch our launch webinar video and see just how h’alt® can deliver
decision-making in the workflow

The strongest possible start

We’re working with h’alt® to create the strongest possible start in developing our service operations in the APAC region.

h’alt® contains front-end loaded decision-making content that enables my team to understand the consequences of their planning, scheduling, resourcing, tooling and even contract decision-making.

In the back-end, the platform’s ability to harness data insights empowers us to respond quickly to our team’s needs and help close any knowledge gaps.

Stephen Booth

Head of Offshore Service - APAC Vestas

Insights like these help me

Tracking content queries pinpoints where my team operates against our stage gate governance process. More content searches relating to work execution instead of planning or preparation provide early warnings of a reactive approach.

Insights like these helps me to home in on the project, team or range of decisions in question to ensure that risks and assumptions are mitigated.

Troels Vahle

Head of Special Projects – APAC Vestas

Once again, they've innovated

10 years of working together with team ARMSA is testimony to their track record and the trust they have built in the Irish renewables market. Once again, they have innovated - and h’alt® is very well poised to sit at the heart of Irish high-growth renewable businesses.

Workforce planning & skills development are primary strategic pillars of the Green Tech Skillnet strategy. h’alt® is one of the key tools that GTS believes will deliver that for Ireland and beyond.

Mark Ruane

GTS Manager Wind Energy Ireland