About us

We are passionate about safe performance. It’s the market’s social licence to operate.

Our purpose

Accelerate global energy transition by transforming lives, improving businesses and contributing to sustainability

Our mission

Simplifying ever changing complexity by providing relevant information, to the right people at the right time, by harnessing the power of informal people networks to enable rapid scaling of projects

Our story

Having led panels of enquiry into 16 fatalities and hundreds of audits in high-risk industries, we were baffled by our initial findings.

All companies under the microscope were able to show evidence of:

  • Kitemarked management systems
  • Resource-intensive internal and external audit programmes
  • Costly behaviour-based safety programmes
  • Up-to-date training matrices and registers
  • Top-notch safety teams with budgets to boot
  • A plethora of safety awards

Sounds familiar? 
These unfortunate events shaped who we are today.

Our team of innovators have been hard at work over the past 5 years testing solutions that help renewable businesses steer clear of failures that: 

  • hurt people  
  • damage the environment 
  • increase downtime  
  • delay critical infrastructure projects   
  • reduce confidence in energy security from renewable assets. 

And h’alt® was the result. And we are the h’alt® leadership team.

Meet our truly international team

James Akrigg
Chief Technical Officer
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James is our CTO and technology visionary. As our technology driving force, he oversees a programme that positions h’alt® as a go-to solution for accelerated human decision-making in high-reliability industries.


  He also ensures that we stay updated on the latest technological advancements while delivering value to our market. He has previously served as the Head of Technology for partners at Microsoft and has collaborated with brilliant minds to shape the tech landscape. His focus areas are modern applications, AI, and business transformation, which he delivers through numerous speaking engagements and advisory roles.


  James believes staying competitive requires navigating the dynamic world of modern applications and brings this passion to ARMSA. We are excited to have James on board.

Khalida Suleymanova
Chief Implementation Officer
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She describes herself as humble, shy and rarely flustered. Rare qualities, given that behind her are two Masters Degrees in International Relations and Business Finance and Administration, 15 years of experience in allied oil and gas and energy production sectors and an extremely sharp eye when she’s shooting that 3-pointer in the women’s local basketball league.

Khalida has worked on over 10 global transformation and learning projects, led the development and launch of our Managing Safely for Wind Power program and is widely known across the sector as a reliable, hard-working and cheery professional.

Khalida is originally from Azerbaijan, where she often spends her holidays. We love working with Khalida.

Jimmy Hansson
Non-Executive Director
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Jimmy is our sounding board, a source of challenge and brings a grounded view to the team. His illustrious experience in the nuclear sector and developing and leading renewable organisations on a global scale is strongly felt across the boardroom table. 

As our NED, we appreciate his direct and practical approach. Jimmy has a clear vision for renewables, and the skills to bring mega-projects to fruition. These are all critical qualities that Jimmy brings to bear when evaluating our strategy, products, content and market-entry and growth propositions. 

Jimmy loves the outdoors, whether it’s cross-country skiing, screaming around the racetrack on his bike or fishing in the beautiful lakes of Sweden. 

Rakesh Maharaj
Futurist and Chief Technical Officer
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He is genuinely multi-disciplined. Trained initially in health sciences in South Africa, Rakesh pursued a career in advisory and consulting since the mid-nineties. Rakesh has advised some of the world’s leading energy companies in contentious and non-contentious projects. He also worked with one of the world’s largest IPPs as their Senior Vice President and Global Head of Safety. 

At heart, he is an innovator, fascinated by the inner workings of organisations and their relationship with the outside world. His MBA in international business and applied systems thinking set him on a path focused on supporting renewable leaders to grow their organisations adaptively and resiliently.  

Rakesh has played a central role in growing consulting and advisory practices and is now spearheading the market entry and growth of h’alt®.

We’d love to talk about what he does in his spare time. His response: ‘spare time?’

Tom Lapperger
h’alt® Strategic Advisor
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Tom is a COO and NED, an entrepreneur and operator, who has dedicated his professional life to starting and scaling ventures. Most recently, he worked at bp Launchpad on the investor’s side where he facilitated operational growth of the portfolio to drive the energy transition through climate tech.

He focuses on strategy, culture and growth, i.e., the execution of commercial activities, and product and tech development. He shapes companies and teams through operational efficiency, leadership development, employee engagement and strategy planning, and he is passionate about building high-performance, diverse teams. 

Tom has an MBA from London Business School with a major in Entrepreneurship. He is originally from Munich, Germany, and lives with his family in London. 


Meet our truly international team

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